The Chocolate Detective takes her magnifying glass and examines every piece of chocolate. With her years of knowledge and experience, she can guide the way between the most ethical and delectable chocolate with utmost transparency.

Chantal Coady OBE is the Chocolate Detective. A sustainable chocolate expert, founder of Rococo Chocolates and lifelong chocolate activist.

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There are three main strands to the collections: Connected, Created and Curated

Connected : Working with cocoa farmers in Grenada and highlighting sustainable chocolate made at grass roots level “Tree to Bar”, keeping value in local economies. 

Created : Chantal’s recipes like the Golden Sea Salt invented while running after her toddler on the Constantine Beach 

Curated : Sourced from other reputable makers; classics too good not to share.

William September (far right) and team

Supporting Cocoa Farmers

Please sign up to our mailing list for more details… The Crowdfunder was launched and reached 150% of its target, money has been sent to the workers and farmers at the Grenada Chocolate Company. Now the task of relocating the factory building starts in ernest… Thank you to everyone who supported this. There will be many more ways to be involved in this project going forward, we will keep you updated.

  • Grenada Chocolate Company farm crew on Gro Cocoa land, February 2015. Photo by Tom Coady.
  • Bean sorting

I want to bring you chocolate that is 100% transparent about origin and which supports the people at the start of the value chain. I have invested in a small cocoa farm in Grenada which donates all the beans to the Grenada Chocolate Co, and they make wonderful farm to bar chocolate. This is a truly exceptional business and I am totally committed to supporting them through these exceptionally challenging pandemic times.

My new incarnation is “the Chocolate Detective”, I like to ask lots of awkward questions about choc for example “how can chocolate be slave free?” “how can we all help and support cocoa farmers and small chocolate makers?” “what is the true price of chocolate?” “what does fair trade really mean?” I think you get the message…