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Chantal Coady the Chocolate Detective in conversation with…

Extraordinary taste, sustainability and social impacts

This event takes place in the British Library Theatre and will be simultaneously live streamed on the British Library platform. Tickets may be booked either to attend in person, or to watch on our platform (online) either live or within 48 hours on catch up. Viewing links will be sent out shortly before the event.

Chantal Coady, founder of Rococo Chocolate and The Chocolate Detective, is joined by Nick Davis, a grower in Jamaica, and Angus Thirlwell of Hotel du Chocolat to explore the dynamics of producing ethical, delicious chocolate and its huge impact on the local communities. Hosted by Leyla Kazim of The Food Programme.

With chocolate tastings available for those attending the event in-person.

Chantal Coady is the mother of the artisan chocolate industry in the UK and the real chocolate revolution. Having established luxury brand Rococo four decades ago, she now heads up The Chocolate Detective, leading the way in engaged ethics and sustainability. In the early part of the century she entered into a joint venture organic farm with Grenada Chocolate Company, directly supporting the organic cocoa farmers, who for the first time were able to become chocolate makers themselves and create real value in the local economy. She is a multi-award winner and author of five books.

Please come to the British library Monday April 11th 2022 as part of the FOOD SEASON

Leila Kazim of the Food Program will be moderator for the evening. Nick Davis founder  of One One Cacao  will join us from Jamaica and Angus Thirlwell of Hotel Chocolat will be there in person. We will discuss chocolate: past and future. Expect a lively debate and we will enjoy some special and delicious chocolates, while challenging the status quo of the enormous chocolate industry, dominated by just a few large players.

Join us in person or online

Tickets and online registration.



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Ukraine Stork Eggs – Fundraiser

Our hearts sink every day when we hear the news…

We feel powerless to help in the face of such atrocities. There is a very small way in which we can raise some funds to through our chocolates. We hand coloured blue and yellow eggs and packed them into our box with the Ukrainian stock designed by our bird illustration specialist Madeleine Floyd:

“The national bird of the Ukraine is the White Stork… a bird that is usually associated with the arrival and joy of new life.  It is seen as a symbol of family, loyalty and patriotism.  The national flower of the Ukraine is the sunflower which represents warmth and the power of the sun.

War uproots all of this.  We choose peace.”

All profits will be donated to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal (British Red Cross).


Madeleine Floyd 

We have donated 100% of the chocolate, the packaging and labour to put them together, thank you so much to Ruth Morgan for her help on this, Madeleine for the images and to our local printer Danny at Mailboxes who did the work for cost price and turned the job around super quickly.

You can buy a box of eggs from us

From the ticket price of £12.75 a min of £10 goes to the DEC Ukraine Emergeny Fund (around £2 to HMRC for VAT which is what we have to do!). 

So please help us by buying some eggs and we will donate to

Ukraine Stork Eggs available from the 8th of April.

also available from

In March I had a conversation with Dan Baker, an English national married to Victoria (Ukranian) they had been living in Kyiv for five years with their daughter Veronica & cat Pumpkin – he is now back in Brighton sofa surfing while raising funds for direct causes. If anyone wants to get involved at a grass roots level please connect directly with @danbakerukraine via instagram or youtube or if you are able to help with accommodation in the Brighton area.

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Chocolatier reveals what it’s like to be run a luxury chocolate brand | Metro News

Chantal Coady spent 36 years working at luxury chocolatier Rococo Chocolates, until she left in 2019 when the company went into administration.Now she’s back with the new collection inspired by her uncovering the rich heritage of chocolate — The Chocolate Detective.

Source: Chocolatier reveals what it’s like to be run a luxury chocolate brand | Metro News

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We’ve just launched a Crowd Funder #NetPositiveChocolate to create a permanent home for The Grenada Chocolate Factory Business that can make a lasting impact on inequality and climate change. 

6 reasons to back this project: 

  1. To eat excellent organic vegan friendly chocolate made from the finest cocoa in the world
  2. To get special offers and discounts as part of this “pay it forward” campaign
  3. To design a purpose built solar powered zero carbon chocolate on the Caribbean island of Grenada
  4. To ensure the future of an island business that provides real jobs in a local cocoa economy
  5. Support the farm to bar business model & connect back to the cocoa farmers & chocolate makers
  6. Support the bio diversity and eco systems that thrive in managed organic farming. The first 50 people who choose this reward will get their funding matched by the Chocolate Detective. 

£10 Direct to Farmers & Workers in Grenada WI 

This reward will be matched by the Chocolate Detective so will be worth £20. The money will go into a fund to be distributed directly to the farmers and workers at the Grenada Chocolate Company who are suffering from loss of income due to Covid-19.

Link to flyer

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Come and join us at Chelsea Physic Garden Christmas Fair

Thursday 25 – Sunday 28 November

We are thrilled to announce the return of the annual Christmas Fair at the enchanting Chelsea Physic Garden.

Our annual festive celebration will be among over 100 stalls, with the finest independent suppliers within the beautiful surroundings of the Garden as well as delicious food and drink.

Along with food, drinks and plenty of cheer, we will be hosting our own Chocolate Detective stall selling a wide selection of our ethically sourced and packaged chocolate.

For a unique experience you won’t forget, make sure you come and see us at the Chelsea Physic Garden’s Christmas Fair on November 25-28.

Extra rewards added to our crowdfunder

To celebrate our half way mark in reaching our goal we’ve added another two opportunities for you to contribute to this brilliant cause: cocoa futures and adopt a tree. In case you missed the link to the main page we sent last week, here it is again:


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The chocolate business is based in ‘colonialism and slavery’ but things are changing

She set about forming a new company, the Chocolate Detective (subtitle: “The finest chocolate uncovered by Chantal Coady”), through which she sells both her own creations and those of reputable makers (her “curated collection” includes bird eggs made from hazelnut praline and Ecuadorian origin chocolate, which are especially covetable). She aims to shed more light on chocolate production, making ethically produced quality chocolate more available. The firm sports a logo designed by illustrator Sir Quentin Blake, whom Coady met through Rococo’s work with the Roald Dahl Foundation.

Source: The chocolate business is based in ‘colonialism and slavery’ but things are changing

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Partners | Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design – EMFD

We’re delighted to have been chosen as a partner of Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design which has been synonymous with beautiful and creative design for over 20 years.

If you can’t decide whether to give chocolates or flowers you can now do both at

We are thrilled to introduce our delightful new partner, The Chocolate Detective, founded by chocolate activist and sustainable cocoa expert Chantal Coady. The Roald Dahl-esque chocolatier’s commitment to delectable creations and to delivering a transparent and ethical product directly aligns with our own dedication to creating harmony between sustainability and luxury.

Source: Partners | Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design – EMFD

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“Choose Ethical Chocolate this Black Friday”

Bean sorting

Thank you – to Sourdough School’s Vanessa Kimbell shout out on Instagram:

The Grenada Chocolate Company needs your help. By buying and eating chocolate, you can help save a pioneering small-scale chocolate business that is facing an incredible challenge due to transport restrictions during the pandemic affecting their supply chain. Their existence relies on you filling your cupboards with delicious chocolate this Christmas.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
The Grenada Chocolate Company is close to @VanessaKimbell‘s heart as its founder, Mott Green, was a dear friend. She says that if we’re going to be part of a consumerist society this Black Friday, let’s make sure we’re consuming artisanal products.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀