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We’ve just launched a Crowd Funder #NetPositiveChocolate to create a permanent home for The Grenada Chocolate Factory Business that can make a lasting impact on inequality and climate change. 

6 reasons to back this project: 

  1. To eat excellent organic vegan friendly chocolate made from the finest cocoa in the world
  2. To get special offers and discounts as part of this “pay it forward” campaign
  3. To design a purpose built solar powered zero carbon chocolate on the Caribbean island of Grenada
  4. To ensure the future of an island business that provides real jobs in a local cocoa economy
  5. Support the farm to bar business model & connect back to the cocoa farmers & chocolate makers
  6. Support the bio diversity and eco systems that thrive in managed organic farming. The first 50 people who choose this reward will get their funding matched by the Chocolate Detective. 

£10 Direct to Farmers & Workers in Grenada WI 

This reward will be matched by the Chocolate Detective so will be worth £20. The money will go into a fund to be distributed directly to the farmers and workers at the Grenada Chocolate Company who are suffering from loss of income due to Covid-19.

Link to flyer

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