Pure Organic Grenada Cocoa Powder 170g

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Supplied inside resealable pouches!

Makes the best cocoa you will ever drink, and can also be used for chocolate ice-cream and baking. Grenada’s cocoa is known for its extra rich flavour and strength and this cocoa powder is particularly rich and flavourful because of the unique, small-scale, relatively low-pressure home-made cocoa butter press and, of course, because of the special taste of Grenadian cocoa.

Suitable for vegans, and vegetarians.

This is one of very few cocoa powders which has NOT been chemically treated (i.e. it hasn’t been alkalised in a process technically known as Dutching. This uses harsh chemicals to remove the cocoa butter and make it more easy soluble).



The Grenada Chocolate Company

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Weight 170 g
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